Richie "Abstrak" Soto
"2007 SPY AWARD recipient"

The Spy Award: an achievement award dedicated in honor of 'Spy' for his contribution to the art of B-boyin' (Breakdance). The award recognizes those with influentual styles that have made a global change within the movement of b-boy dance.

Richie "Abstrak" Soto is a versatile dancer and poet born and raised in New York City. His love for the life of music and movement started at a very young age, developing into a master of the art. He is the founder and president of a world famous B-boy (break dancing) group: Skill Methodz (based out of Florida). With his skill he has been fortunate to travel around the globe (North America, South America, Europe and Asia) teaching, learning, sharing and performing this universal language of dance. Through B-boy (break) dance is how he received his recognition, nationally and internationally. He is known for his extreme ground control and innovative style. Abstrak has choreographed and worked commercially as well as in theatre, making him well rounded in every aspect of this hip-hop culture. In 2004 Abstrak completed and performed his first theatre play, 4 Bellies (an exploration, a battle of the mind and soul through abstract language and dance).

Abstrak Dance is an urban movement that takes hip-hop dance (breaking and house) beyond the circle and mind. An unorthodox blend of disparate forms and it defies cultural and artistic stereotypes. Its versatility to all forms of dance creates a whole new world of movement. Abstrak dance reveals the pure foundation of dances in the most inventive way, without losing the essence of dance. It is homage to street art and is also a departure from it.

"With Abstrak, b-boy dance has truly grown up." Walt Witman Arts