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Eric John Campros began professionally performing in California at the age of 18. Throughout his career, Eric has had the privilege of dancing with several artists including The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Usher, Mikaela, and Aaliyah. He has appeared on numerous television series and specials including the MTV Video Music Awards, the BET Awards, and the Blockbuster Awards. He has danced in several commercials and industrials for companies including Nissan, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Old Navy, Target, Nike, and Wrangler Jeans.

As a choreographer Eric toured the south with Real Soul, in Germany with the bands B3 and M*Pire, and has worked with recording artist Kelly McCarthy. As an educator Eric has taught classes around the world, most recently in China as guest faculty at Shandong University of the Arts and Hebei Art University. He recently returned from a second successful tour of India where he worked with some of the brightest stars in the Bollywood Industry. He will return again early next year.