Justin Conte was born and raised in Rochester, NY. He began dancing at the age of 15, soon realizing he had found a safe place to learn and grow. Over the past 7 years he's been teaching and choreographing around the United States as well as internationally. After moving to NYC in 2008, Justin was exposed to a variety of street and freestyle movement, sparking inspiration. He began teaching at Broadway Dance Center NYC as well as choreographing commercially for various recording artists traveling the U.S.

You can spot Justin dancing on the hit Fox series Glee, or on-stage as a member of Dana Foglia Dance. Within the past year, Justin has traveled internationally to Japan to work with Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka Schools of Music and Dance. Also, Justin has worked with many recording artists such as Paula Abdul, Miley Cyrus and Jordan Sparks. He is currently living in Los Angeles teaching not only at Debbie Reynolds but also Movement Lifestyle, Millennium Dance Complex and the International Dance Academy.

His class is an organic blend of contemporary, hip-hop, house and other energetic street styles with foundations in technical movement. His classes train in line, quality of movement as well as development of story, paired with challenges in groove, rhythm and musicality. His aim is to share his passion for movement to help you find your individual flow.

“I will push my movers to find the core of the movement, embrace the journey, and connect to intent to awaken the skeleton of the steps.”