The best of both worlds, this Native New Yorker now resides in San Jose, CA. Anthony LoCascio has performed, taught and toured internationally for over 14 years as a Tap Dancer. A large part of Anthony LoCascio's career has been spent as The Enforcer and 2IC with the Internationally hit show Tap Dogs. Most recently performing in Holland, Anthony has been seen performing and teaching as far as Monte Carlo and the French Riviera, to Dancing in the famed MTV Studios NYC window setting, home to TRL for 10 years.

Teaching and exposing, old and new students, to Tap Dance is by far Anthony's biggest passion. However, by personal request of Tap Dog's Choreographer Dein Perry, Anthony is taking a break from all classes to go on one more tour with the show in Sept. 09 til the end of Nov. 09. While he is on tour, you can follow Anthony's video blog on or join his tap dance blog at

"It is so comfortable and feels very natural when I teach. So much so, I never really prepare for a class because it locks me into one idea or set of material. I have taught 3.5 year old to adult, at every level of Tap, and even teach teachers how to improve their own teaching methods. Because of this, during my class warm-up, I asses the students I see in the room and let the class develop by what techniques would benefit these dancers the most. Often Dancers need brush up on basic foundation skills and attention to detail. This is reflected in my choreography and class material." - Anthony LoCascio