Lenore Marks is originally from NYC, but grew up living in Germany, Switzerland, England and Spain. Initially a gymnast she discovered her love of dance after a friend suggested she try a jazz class, and she hasn’t looked back since! Lenore is a certified Active Isolated Flexibility teacher and has been teaching this technique for over 10 years. She started her training under Michele Assaf at Broadway Dance Center, and received her certification from Jim and Phil Wharton at Wharton Performance. Lenore is known for her upbeat, positive, “hands-on” style of teaching emphasizing proper placement and alignment. Because everyone’s body is different and responds differently to each exercise, she gives each student individualized attention and specific adjustments throughout the class. She works well with all ages and levels of ability, and welcomes non-dancers in her classes.

Outside of Broadway Dance Center Lenore enjoys a busy career as a working actor, and teaches Jazz, Musical Theater, Contemporary and Acro across the tri-state area.  To find out more, check out www.lenoremarks.com.