Dinita "Dee" Nicole lives and works as a Rommett Floor-Barre instructor and energy healing practitioner in NYC. After being introduced to dance in Buffalo, NY, she went on to study at the University of Michigan while spending summers training in NYC. While there, she made strong connections with Toni Piece-Sands and Uri Sands, eventually leaving Michigan to join the husband and wife team as a founding member of their Minnesota-based company TU Dance.

While in Minnesota, Dee went on to receive her BFA in Dance from the University of Minnesota and was awarded grants from the Jerome Foundation and the Minnesota State Arts board to conduct research on danced religion in Brazil.

Dee has performed with Lauren Edson Dance, Portland Opera Company, Ruth Cansfield Dance, Newton Moraes Dance, Cathy Young Dance, Ann Arbor Dance Works and others. Now retired from performing professionally, Dee focuses on teaching and helping others to heal their own bodies. She is the owner of an energy healing practice called Now Age Wellness where she teaches classes, holds one-on-one healing sessions, and hosts a weekly talk radio show on CBS internet radio.

Rommett Floore-Barre has emerged as one of Dee’s favorite healing tools. Her floor-barre class celebrates the technique as a highly effective method for correcting and refining body alignment, building muscular strength and length, preventing injury and increasing a dancer’s career longevity. Furthermore, Dee believes floor-barre is a true mind-body technique that allows immeasurable energy healing benefits throughout the course of class.