Omid Ighani
International Street choreographer & dancer.

Endowed with exceptional talent, he’s a unique dancer interpreter of metropolitan culture and an acute observer and searcher in the underground musical panorama: his knowledge ranges over jazz, soul, electronic and Hip-Hop. His ability to merge “street” choreographies and underground musical passages is, by now, proverbial and with a sophisticated experimental profile. The result is an artistic movement with an amazing emotional impact and absolute prestige. Choreographer and first ballet dancer in the "DaCru Hip-Hop Dance Company", he danced in the most prestigious theatres and national festivals and in the coolest Black Clubs of Europe. He has choreographed for MTV and other international networks and he has conceived and danced for Tiziano Ferro’s videos, Dj Sensei and other famous artists and DJs. He took part in many musical television events, in Italy and abroad. From nine years he is teacher, choreographer and in charge of the Mc Hip-Hop School programs, spread in Italy through ten official centres. The target of this innovative "movement" is to build up and update in a technical way the new choreographic and cultural dynamics, giving a wide attention to the style evolution. Forerunner and very original interpreter of the house dance, he teaches in numerous events and convention all over the world, but above all in the Cruisin'Urban Dance Hdemy.

In 1996 he is in Los Angeles, teaching at The Edge. Omid meets Marisa Ragazzo in 1996.It is love at first sight. They get married after three months and immediately begin to work together. They define themselves as two wings of a bird completing each other.

Since that moment the Unity in Diversity project was born: this is a propelling engine through which they choreograph, experiment and promote all what concerns the street culture.

- RESPECT - At the end of the Seventies, through the roads of American urban ghettos, a new culture springs up. His prophets tell in rhymes the poverty, the anger and the joy of the very poor black subproletariat. DJs, rappers and ballet dancers become the superheroes of the black districts in New York, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and they lay the foundation of the Hip-Hop generation. Different years have gone by and a lot of things have changed, evolved, contaminated but... nowadays the main, real, codes of Hip-Hop culture are still the same, unchanged and untouchable.

One of these principles is above all the others: THA RESPECT. Just the respect. RESPECT for those so-called pioneers. RESPECT for all who have known how to create tangible reality with talent and passion... RESPECT for the culture, just this.

A contaminated and evolved culture, in which its leader and “the others” live in a peaceful way, even if they are still separated, impossible to confuse or unite, everyone conscious and tolerant of their different value, within a code that foresees, anyway, some RIGHTFUL DISTINCTIONS. As in the tribes, where the leader and the others pacifically cohabit… and where they are still separated, impossible to confuse or unite, everyone conscious and tolerant of their different value.