Salah Benlemqawanssa was born June 28th, 1979, in a town in North Paris, France called Saint Denis. From his early childhood through 14 years of age, Salah’s dreams and aspirations showed he was already gifted to become a World known performer. In 1995 as Salah was roller-skating in the street one day, fell in love with the movement of a Street Dancer he met who would change his world forever! Dance became his LIFE! Experimenting with HIP HOP/FUNK’s “POPPING, LOCKING, AND B-BOY STYLES”.

His first dance video was an advertisement for “SuperDiscount”, for music. Since then, he has done 2 creations traveling internationally 8yrs. with the Internationally known Contemporary Company “Montalvo-Hervieu”. This Company has received 2 awards for BEST SHOW, “Le Jardin Io Io Ito Ito Ito” and “Danfe”. He had also been a member of the Legendary Street Dance Crews “The Family” and “Vagabonds”. Salah began to enter and unfortunately lose most of Europe and the World’s organized “Street Dance Competitions”, but became “A Warrior of the People” because of his gifted style. This inspired him to create a Solo Show called “Og Gluby, The Dream”, and has performed in the Biggest HIP HOP events in the world. Like the USA’s show “America’s Got Talent” He then became the #1st Winner of Europe’s “Planet of Incredible Talent”, which helped him to begin an International Teaching career which has now been 9yrs. strong.

“The Internet Age” has helped to bring a Worldwide audience to “one screen”, and “YOUTUBE” has helped bring World Fame to Salah for his Incredible POPPING, LOCKING, & B-BOY STYLES! Traveling to other countries and meeting people from many walks of life has given Salah “LIFE GROWTH” in learning about himself, and others.

His “MISSION” is to “SPIRITUALLY” and physically share his gift with the world in hopes of moving people in the “right direction”. “NEVER GIVE UP, YES WE CAN, AND FOR PEOPLE TO ENJOY LIFE, IN ENJOYING THE DANCE”! He has become a “motivator” for young people and older alike for many around the world through his workshops. Salah has gained respect and notoriety from the International “OLD SCHOOL” HIP HOP Community, and has been a BIG influence for the NEW GENERATION.

Here are some of the events SALAH has attended: Bboy Summit L.A, Freestyle Session L.A, Red Bull BC ONE South Africa, Australia, How the West was won California , Pro AM san Francisco , Boty Germany, R-16 Korea, Keep on Dancing China, UKBBOYCHAMPIONSHIP London, EURO Battle Portugal, Street Style Sweden, PDB Japan, Juste Debout France, Total Session France, Beat Show London, and more....

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