Lowell Smith

Lowell Smith Faculty Headshot

Lowell Smith, longtime teacher at Broadway Dance Center and principal dancer for the Dance Theater of Harlem died on Oct. 22, 2007 in Los Angeles. He was 56. Mr. Smith used precise mastery of classical ballet and exquisite expressiveness of body and face to convey emotions from tranquility to charged passion.

Mr. Smith began at the Dance Theater of Harlem in 1976, seven years after it was founded to give black dancers an entry into the white world of classical ballet.

Standing more than six feet tall, barrel-chested and projecting forcefully, Mr. Smith brought dramatic fervor to classical ballet. Moreover, in performances like “Streetcar” on PBS’s “Dance in America,” he successfully translated his larger-than-life characters to the smaller screen.

Lowell will be greatly missed at Broadway Dance Center.