Whether you caught their choreography each season on “So You Think You Can Dance,” remember a certain sexy dance scene from movie "The Thomas Crown Affair," or a spectacular ballroom dance scene in “Dance With Me,” the work of Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin speaks for itself. These world-renowned choreographers and artistic directors have won the world’s most prestigious dance titles and have choreographed some of the most memorable pieces of dance for both film and television.

Known on the dance floor as “America’s best loved couple” and recognized for their passion, dedication, artistry, knowledge and originality, this couple's versatility and experience places them in an elite category of their own.

Tony and Melanie have represented the USA for over a decade in the World Latin American Dance Championships and have taken home over 100 championship titles. Some titles include: The US Professional Latin American Championships, North American Championships, America World and Swing Championships, Latin World Cup Championships, Dancesport World Championships, Latin World Trophy Championships, Dirty Dancing Championships and three time winners of the Championship Ballroom Dancing (sponsored by PBS).

Upon retiring from the demands of the competitive floor in 1999, they created "Dance Times Square," a home base in New York's Times Square where they continue to choreograph for film, television, Broadway, and a new generation of competitive dancers and celebrities including: Pierce Brosnan, Renee Russo, Vanessa L. Williams, Tim Robbins, Mary Steenburgen, Sonya Brava, Susan Sarandon, Steven Dorff, Partick Stewart, Leslie Caron, Jennifer Beals, Campbell Scott, Nancy Butler, Rob Schnieder, and Barbara Walters.