New York Ricans, Dance Collaborators, Business Partners and Childhood Best Friends, Deena Aka: Snapshot & Wanda aka: WandeePop, share a passion and a history which created the birth of a new era.  Both were raised in the South Bronx (Longwood Avenue & Fox Street) on the same block during the late 70’s, early 80’s etc. The Bronx was where they developed their dance skills and strong dance culture in neighborhood house parties, outside park jams, block parties, talent showcases in the Police Athletic League (PAL) and local cable station programs, with their dance crew “Unique Force.”  SnapShot & WandeePop learned about discipline and focus for their craft through daily practice sessions at the PAL Center and battles with other neighborhood dance crews that posed a challenge.  They were a strong force to be reckoned with. But it was not until years later they realized how important those years on Fox street really were. Deena and Wanda began their journey on the streets of the Boogie Down to discover what is known today as Hip-Hop. Today you can find them taking their street knowledge and history into the studios teaching Organic NYC style Hip-Hop for Health.


First major pivotal career point was the help, teachings and encouragement from SnapShot’s brother Steve ‘Mr. Wiggles’ Clemente, and honorary brother Jorge ‘Popmaster Fabel’ Pabon that put them on the path to study Funk-Styles (Popping, Locking) and B-Girl Skills (Breaking & Rocking) in combination with their freestyle Hip-Hop party dancing.


Their Second inspirational pivotal career point was meeting and working with Robin Dunn (EDEntertainment/Rhythm Technicians) on various stage productions. It was with Robin they learned about hard work as well as committing to one’s spirit using Robin’s F.A.C.E work; Focus, Attitude, Confidence, Energy & Eye Contact. Not to mention putting counts to choreography and learning how to break down the moves in a class setting.


Deena `Snapshot' Clemente was born the youngest of seven and her family has always been a source of inspiration behind her education and career. After obtaining her BA in Communications she worked for MTV Networks as a Pre/Post Production Coordinator.  During this time Snapshot continued to build her resume in dance education, auditions and projects. During her undergrad years at CMSV (College of Mount Saint Vincent) she and WandeePop were founding members of the very first dance squad on campus. Presently that squad, Flava, is now an official club and still going strong. They remained the teachers and choreographers of the squad from 1991 until 1999. SnapShot was also given the best opportunity to tour with `Jam on the Groove' (the very first and best Hip-Hop theater show out of NYC) with GhettOriginal Dance Productions. She had her first choreographers’ credit for Aaliyah’s (RIP) ‘Got To Give it Up’ shot in NYC. Other credits include Japanese television show with popular Japanese recording artist, MAX in NYC and an Oxygen Networks commercial with TEC. Deena Snapshot is currently established as a Certified Personal Trainer/Wellness Coach in the NYC/NJ area. You can also catch her competing on stage for fitness and figure competitions.

Wanda “WandeePop” Candelario remembers her sister Ceci as being very instrumental in her decision process to pursuit the arts; while continuing her education in Business Management.   She has a long line of credits that range from films "Hav Plenty, Box Marley," to music videos, commercials and an industrial video for House Film in which she was the feature dancer.

One of their more recent appearances was on LatiNation, a television show created to celebrate contributions of Latinos around the world.  One of their most recent performances was at the New Victory Theater ‘Legends of Hip-Hop’ with Rennie Harris. They also collaborate with four other inspiring B-Girls (HoneyRockWell, Miss Twist, Pauline & Seoulsonyk) on performances for TruEssencia (TEC) Dance & Wellness LLC.  Representing the true essence of women in Hip-Hop ranging from the Rock Steady Anniversaries to opening up for La Kalle Block Party in Madison Square Gardens.  Another source you can find them in the book We B-Girls written by Martha Cooper.  Since then they have opportunities with the most elite teachers, choreographers, dancers and mentors in today’s industry.