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Jamie J
Jamie J
Jamie J
Jamie J

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Brooklyn native Jamie J has been dancing since the age of 5 and got his break as a choreographer at the age of 11 when he did some work for a block-party in his neighborhood. That first experience fueled Jamie’s passion for performing. While following his dream to be a choreographer, Jamie took a good detour singing in the Grammy Award winning LFT Church Choir under the direction of Hezekiah Walker. While in the choir, Jamie had the opportunity to work with artists such as Ba...read more

Class Descriptions

Adv Beg Hip-Hop

This level is taught at a pace to make beginners and advance beginners feel comfortable with a little challenge on the side. It's also for the student that needs help finding their groove. Questions are encouraged in this non-competitive atmosphere and having fun above all else is the main goal. Students are urged to wear appropriate attire for hip hop

Int Hip-Hop

A different approach to jolting dancers to trust themselves in class more. Class may be taught in one of three formats. Audition style where the class learns a routine and before class is over a mock audition is held. Convention style where we use no mirrors for a majority of the class. Rehearsal style where the class is taught as if they were on the job, either with an artist or dance company. Incorporated into all of the formats is the enforcement to get them to analyze before asking questions. Combos can either be long or intricate or both in preparation for dance on the job after the audition. Students are urged to wear appropriate attire for hip hop. All ages are welcome as long their level of dance is appropriate for the level of the class.

Straight to the Stage

This class will focus on quick learning, testing retention, and stage preparation. It will involve bringing the song to life with minimal time before show time through "Moves that Make Sense" (learning to interpret on the body what is coming from the music). Then we perform!

Away Dates

Jan 20 to Mar 31

Upcoming Classes

Sun · Apr 07
4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Sun · Apr 14
4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

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