Nicholas Palmquist

Nicholas Palmquist
Nicholas Palmquist
Nicholas Palmquist
Nicholas Palmquist
Nicholas Palmquist
Nicholas Palmquist
Nicholas Palmquist

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Nicholas Palmquist (he/him) is a New York based dancer and choreographer working a wide variety of dance genres. He has worked commercially on shows like The Get Down directed by Baz Luhrmann and The Tony Awards, and regularly on shows like Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He has walked in fashion shows directed by Jean-Paul Goude and choreographed fashion shoots with director more

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Quist Method

The movement language of Quist Method is an amalgam of my experiences in life, fashion, TV/film, theater, and contemporary dance; developed through the lens of freelance education in order to process, supplement,  or reject the information or experiences that don’t elevate  the learning process.  As an educator, using this method to speak more objectively about my ideas will prioritize the space for other people's emotions and lived experiences to grow within the framework of my imagination. This neutrality is an important variable when teaching one’s own style of movement. The Emotional Ergonomics considered within Quist Method gives both, teacher and student permission to take themselves seriously and can provide boundaries to respect this happening within artistic and emotional story telling. 


Nicholas likes to pull from different mediums of dance to create new ways of story telling, highlighting the humanity in dance and in dancers. He aims for a fresh and also nostalgic relationship with musicality that celebrates the nuance in orchestration from pop to rock to jazz and everywhere in between. He combines soulful rhythms from his tap background with a smooth sensuality discovered in his commercial endeavors to explore as many ways of moving and expressing human emotion through dance as possible. Nicholas likes to challenge his dancers to explore the scope of their expression by creating emotional and intimate conversations as well as explosive, joyful articulations that move! Nicholas has a huge passion for dance and is grateful for any opportunity to share it.


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