Group Options

BDC is pleased to offer the following options for customizing your groups experience. And if you don't see something you're looking for, don't be afraid to ask! We will do our best to accommodate your requests.


Choose from BDC's regularly scheduled drop-in classes. More than 350 weekly classes offered.



Schedule a private class just for your group at any time and date of your choosing.



Combine drop-in and private master classes for the best of both worlds!



Our extensive drop-in class schedule offers more than 50 classes a day in a variety of levels and styles! Please visit our daily class schedule to learn more. If you need assistance with our schedule, a Group Services representative will be happy to discuss which classes and teachers will be right for your students. Please review the Level & Experience Guide to assist you in placing your students appropriately.

Age Requirement

Our drop-In classes are restricted to students ages 13 and up. There are a handful of teachers in each discipline that may choose to accommodate students between the ages of 10 and 13. A private master class is ideal for groups with dancers under 13.


Private classes are a more intimate environment where your students will receive personalized attention. Each master class can be designed for any age and skill level. There is no age limit for private classes making this a wonderful opportunity for your younger students.

Group Private Master Class Options
  • Style of Your Choice (Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, etc)
  • Broadway "Meet-the-Artist" Class*
  • Precision Dance Workshop (Jazz and kickline, Tap optional)
  • Parent/Chaperone Movement Class
  • Acting and Singing Instruction
  • Dance Related Seminars for Students and/or Parents

​ *We know you might be heading to the Great White Way to enjoy today’s most notable Broadway shows. Set up a master class with accomplished Broadway performers and give your dancers the opportunity to see first hand what Broadway is about!


Can't make it to BDC or need a one-on-one lesson?

Still looking to book a class or workshop with our faculty at your home studio? Need someone to choreograph your solo or recital routine? Want a private one-on-one? BDC has a group of recommended teachers and can pass on your request. This will put teachers directly in touch with you!
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