W45 Tuition & Fees

2017-2018 Tuition 


Save 5% by paying annual rate upfront at registration.
Save up to 20% by enrolling in multiple classes.

ClassesAnnual RateMonthly Installments
ONE 1-Hour Class$1,070$125
TWO 1-Hour Classes$2,045$239
THREE 1-Hour Classes$3,020$353
FOUR 1-Hour Classes$3,875$453
FIVE 1-Hour Classes$4,730$553
SIX 1-Hour Classes$5,585$653
SEVEN 1-Hour Classes$6,440$753
EIGHT 1-Hour Classes$7,295$853
NINE 1-Hour Classes$8,150$953
TEN 1-Hour Classes$9,005$1,053
ELEVEN 1-Hour Classes$9,860$1,153
45 Min Class$855$100
1-Hour 15 Min Class$1,325$155
1-Hour 30 Min Class$1,710$200
1-Hour 15 Min w/ 45 Min Class$2,045$239

*All prices subject to change. We accept most major credit cards.

  • If you select the monthly payment plan, payments are processed on the 1st of each month

If you dancer drops a class or the program after October 16, you will be charged for the following month's tuition. You must notify the CTP staff via email at [email protected]. If no notification is given when dropping classes, YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENTIRE TUITION PAYMENT.

No refunds, for any reason, will be given after October 16, 2017.


If tuition payments are not received by the 15th of the month, a $40 late fee will be added to your account balance.


There is a $50 registration fee for all NEW students.


View our Calendar to see due dates for Showcase and Costume fees.

If you’re on the Annual or AutoPay plan, these fees will be drafted on December 15th.

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Additional Programs

Summer Workshop Series
4-day style-specific workshops designed for serious, advanced dancers
4-day multidisciplinary dance intensive. Ages 12-21
Junior Training Program
3- or 6-week summer immersion course for dancers ages 13-17

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