For performers of varying levels of training in dance, Broadway Dance Center is pleased to offer the BDC Training Program, a full-time adult program ideal for: double threats looking to take the terror out of that dance call, dancers trained in one style looking to hone in on versatility, or working dancers looking for a flexible intensive to brush up their skills. If you want a dance program that works around your schedule in an encouraging, supportive environment, the BDCTP is for you!

About the BDCTP

Join dancers from around the globe in the most celebrated and supportive dance community in New York City, the dance capital of the world.

  • Choose a program of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year of intensive study with the option to extend
  • Each week, choose 12 classes from over 350 weekly classes. Choices include classes in Ballet (course requirement of two ballet classes per week), Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Hip-Hop and other Street Styles, Tap, Voice, Stretch, Pilates, Yoga and more. Classes are for students at levels Basic through Advanced.
  • Design your own program and chart your progress with the help of our student advisor.
  • Develop relationships with your teachers through ongoing Faculty Mentoring, one-on-one sessions providing personal evaluations and coaching.
  • Our Faculty (over 90 teachers) are world-renowned teachers and working choreographers who offer cutting-edge to classical styles of instruction and choreography.
  • Your program will consist of classes selected from our legendary open-class schedule, so that you have the opportunity to dance alongside New York dancers, and supplementary BDCTP and ISVP-only classes.
  • Monthly Master Classes
  • Performance Project bimonthly, with free rehearsal space offered to those performing.
  • Positive and nurturing full-time staff on hand to help guide your studies.
  • Seven state-of-the-art studios in the heart of the Broadway Theater District.
  • As this is a full-time program, we advise against enrolling concurrently with full-time university studies or trying to work full-time while participating in the course — working or attending school part-time is fine.
  • The primary difference between this program and the Professional Semester program is level: the BDCTP is open to dancers of different backgrounds and varying levels, while the Professional Semester is our elite programs for advanced and pre-professional level dancers. If you are unsure which program to choose, we encourage you to apply to the more advanced program, then if we feel that your level is not quite suited to the advanced course, we will, at no extra charge, roll your application over to the BDCTP for consideration – there is no need to submit two separate applications.
  • Program is for students 18 and older.
  • Course runs parallel to our vibrant International Student Visa Program. The BDC Training Program is for U.S. citizens and foreigners holding other types of visas. International students needing visas, please visit the ISVP page.
  • Experienced dancers ages 13-17, please visit our Junior Training Program page.

Start Dates

Applications may be submitted no sooner than six months prior to the Start Date requested, and Start Dates and Application Deadlines are as follows:

Start Date Application Deadline End Dates
  3 Month 6 Month 1 Year
6-Feb-17 6-Jan-17 30-Apr-17 23-Jul-17 7-Jan-18
3-Apr-17 3-Mar-17 25-Jun-17 17-Sep-17 4-Mar-18
5-Jun-17 5-May-17 27-Aug-17 19-Nov-17 6-May-18
7-Aug-17 7-Jul-17 29-Oct-17 21-Jan-18 8-Jul-18
2-Oct-17 1-Sep-17 24-Dec-17 18-Mar-18 2-Sep-18
4-Dec-17 3-Nov-17 25-Feb-18 20-May-18 4-Nov-18


Application Process

You must include the following in your application:

    1. A completed BDCTP Application Form.
    2. A completed BDCTP Health Form signed and stamped by your physician. (The Health and Application Forms are included in one document here.)
    3. Dance résumé detailing previous training and performance experience.
    4. Two or more professional or personal dance photos that best demonstrate your technical ability and strongest style.
    5. Short essay stating your dance goals and specifically how you plan to pursue them during your studies at BDC.
    6. Proof of US Citizenship (Copy of US Passport, Drivers License, or photo ID)
    7. $50 (non-refundable) application fee • Click here to pay by Credit Card

Scan and email all documents to [email protected] – we do not accept faxed applications. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Broadway Dance Center will notify you via email upon acceptance — you must have a valid email address.

Or Mail checks/payment information and forms to:

Broadway Dance Center
Attn: BDC Training Program
322 West 45th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10036

Checks payable to Broadway Dance Center (check or money order)


After BDC Receives Your Application

    1. BDC will notify you of your acceptance by email — please write your email address clearly on your application. 
    2. Half the tuition is due at that time.
    3. Once half your tuition has been received, BDC will issue your official acceptance packet. 
    4. The balance of your tuition is due before the start of classes

Methods of Payment

    1. We accept credit cards (MasterCard or Visa), Money Orders or Traveler's Checks made out in U.S. dollars for tuition payments.


As this is a strenuous physical program, it is strongly suggested that all BDCTP members carry individual medical insurance. 


Program Length Vacation Period Tuition Amount
Special 2 Month Session (June/July) No vacation $1,800
3 months No vacation $2,550
6 months One week vacation $4,650
1 Year Two weeks vacation $8,950
There is a $25 administrative fee to extend your program.
Tuition rates subject to change.

Methods of Payment


  • No refunds will be given for any absences not made up during period of study.
  • A student wishing to withdraw must notify Broadway Dance Center in writing. No refunds will be given for early withdrawal.


Why should I choose Broadway Dance Center?
Broadway Dance Center has provided the finest in dance instruction since 1984, and our faculty is world-renowned. The BDC Training Program has been carefully designed to facilitate your training in an intensive course of study. While you focus on your development, we work with you to help you achieve your goals.

The BDCTP features the largest variety and choice of classes of any studio in NYC, with an unparalleled teaching staff of professionals. We will consider applications from dancers at varying levels. Our program is constructed in a non-competitive atmosphere, and the sense of community among our students is strong. 

Is previous professional dance training necessary?
Dancers with professional training will find many options to support their progress. No previous formal training, however, is specifically required. We accept applications from students and teachers at varying levels. We look for applicants with a strong desire to train intensively and the desire to work hard to achieve their goals. We have found, however, that absolute beginners have difficulty building a curriculum at our studios, and we would suggest gaining a modicum of experience before applying. We do honor and cultivate all styles of dance, so if your training is primarily in street styles, do not be discouraged from applying.

Can I work while in the BDCTP?
Yes, students may accept employment while attending the program. We find that trying to do the program while holding a full-time job, however, is prohibitive. We recommend no more than part-time employment. 

Can I extend the program once I am there?
Yes, you can extend. There is a $25 administrative fee to extend your program. The program administrator can provide you with further details on extensions.

Where do I find housing information?
For legal liability reasons, BDC does not provide housing, but we can assist your search. We have information on many different housing options, residences, and dormitories. Many roommate services and brokers are also available online and in many newspapers. Contact [email protected] for a list of housing services.

How soon after applying can I start?
We must receive your application by the application deadline as listed here. Once we receive your complete application, it takes about one week for acceptance to be determined. We will send acceptance notification by email. Upon acceptance into the program, you must pay half the tuition. The remainder of your tuition must be paid before you begin classes. 

Is there a scholarship for the BDCTP Students?
With Master Classes, student advising, mentoring, and BDCTP staffing, the tuition rates represent a discounted rate, and so scholarships are not available for BDCTP students.

Contact Us

Bonnie Erickson Director of Educational Programming
Bonnie Erickson 212-582-9304 ext. 80
[email protected]
Brinda Guha Program Coordinator
Brinda Guha 212-582-9304 ext. 81
[email protected]