About The Absolute Beginner Workshop

If you have always dreamed of dancing, or want a fun and exciting way to get active and meet new people, these workshops are the perfect place to take that first step! We put great effort into providing the right instructors, curriculum and atmosphere here at BDC for the first-time dancer – classes for adults only! We know this exceptional program will ignite your passion for dance.

Workshops are 6 consecutive weeks on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays for Adults Only 18+ years of age. For additional information or questions, please email [email protected] or call our registration office at 212-582-9304 x 33.


Each workshop is $160 (please note if you are a past ABW student, you get a $10 discount total for this session - call the phone number above to register with the discount)!

FACULTY for Upcoming Session

Faculty for Upcoming Session TO BE ANNOUNCED. Watch this space for more information.

Next session registration will open soon!

What To Wear

LADIES: Traditionally a leotard, tights, and ballet slippers are worn in ballet classes. You may need a sports bra or other type of support under your leotard, and you can wear a ballet skirt or dance shorts over your leotard and tights if you like! A unitard is also a good choice. Pink, white or black ballet slippers are all ok though you can get started in socks or jazz shoes if you cannot get slippers right away). Also, your hair needs to be secured firmly back and out of your eyes for safety during turns!

GENTLEMEN:  Traditionally a fitted T-shirt or mans leotard, tights, dance shorts, or fitted sweatpants, and ballet slippers are worn in ballet classes. A dance belt under your tights for safety and support is recommended. Black or white ballet slippers are best for men though you can wear socks or jazz shoes to get started if you cannot get your slippers right away). If your hair is long enough to get in your eyes it is important to secure it back out of your face for safety during turns!

Jazz pants, shorts, sweat pants, etc. Nothing too baggy. What you might wear to the gym. Comfortable clothes to move in and jazz shoes or dance sneakers ideal- if not, sneakers are fine.

It is most important that you feel comfortable and confident in your dance wear! Any garments that are stretchy and allow freedom of movement in which you can also see your line will work! Do not let self-consciousness be an issue.

Visit us online at The SHOP at BDC to get all the gear you need for class!
Click to view suggested attire for your style of dance


As an aspiring actor who sings, it has been my goal to get cast into musicals. Since most musicals require some sort of dance skills, and I did not have any to speak of, I looked into the Absolute Beginner Workshop at Broadway Dance Center just to get a background in some basics... I really have high praise for the fun and encouraging atmosphere at BDC..., I went on an audition for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, and was cast as an Ensemble member. I got the opportunity to do a lot of singing and 6 choreographed dance routines throughout the show. We just completed a sold out run of our production were critics praised everything, including the choreography, as “Broadway quality,” which is an amazing feeling. I feel that the basics I learned in Absolute Beginner Workshop really helped me land this role...
-Eric Parkin

I had heard about Lainie’s teaching style from a friend in musical theatre, so I signed up for her Absolute Beginner Workshop. Lainie broke the steps down and was very encouraging and committed to our class.  I really enjoyed dancing with the same group of people over the 6 week course. I felt empowered as I gained confidence in my abilities each week.  Lainie’s class was a safe place to learn and to be challenged. I started to actually enjoy dancing. After completing the ABW, I continued with Lainie’s Beginner classes.  Now instead of being terrified by the thought of having to dance, I feel challenged and excited about learning...
- Lori Hammel

Refund Policy

  • Sorry, workshops are not pro-rated if you join after the first week.

  • Students who have registered and paid for the workshop but decide not to continue the workshop are entitled to a refund less a $25 administrative fee ONLY after the first week.

  • The last date for refunds (less the $25 admin fee) for this workshop session is September 24, 2015. NO refunds will be given after this date.

  • After the refund date there are no exceptions for refunds, however you can decide to take a CREDIT for the next workshop session only.

  • There are no credits or refunds for missed classes.

  • If Broadway Dance Center cancels a class for any reason a make-up class will be offered.