Do Sumn Promo from the June 22 & 23 Session


Thank you to everyone that participated in the June 22-23 Intensive! We will let you know when the next session is scheduled.

DO SUMN is a 2-Day Reggae-Dancehall intensive brought to you by Broadway Dance Center’s own TAVIA AND TAMARA. Students will learn the latest dancehall moves from some of the hottest dancehall choreographers and teachers in the business.

Do Sumn! will have live music in each class and throughout the day and with DJ Golden and DJ Autograph on the One’s and Two’s. The intensive will include five+ hours of classes, a Q&A session with teachers, an opportunity to earn a scholarship for the next Do Sumn! Intensive, and a freestyle vibe session. Do Sumn! Dancehall Intensive brings you great dancing, great music and great vibes.

Ages 15+

For additional information or questions, please email or call our registration office at 212-582-9304 x 23.


Next session TBA



  • Registration
  • Warm-up
  • Ketch Di Dance
  • Five, 1-Hour Classes
  • Q & A Session


  • Sign-In
  • One, 1-Hour Class
  • Scholarship Opportunity
  • Freestlye vibe session


  • $175 if you purchase the Intensive
  • Includes all closed master classes, guided warm up, Q & A session, teacher performance.


Tavia and Tamara

Tavia and Tamara: have taught several workshops in various countries and at conventions such as The PULSE and Monsters Of Hip Hop. They have studied dancehall for a number of years including travels to Jamaica, the birthplace of Dancehall. Their experience in performing with numerous artists makes their class a great learning experience that anyone and all levels can enjoy. They have toured over 80 countries with platinum artist Sean Paul; all of Europe, Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Dubai, Ethiopia, Japan, and the list goes on. You have seen them in all of Sean Paul's major music videos including We Be Burnin, Temperature, Like Glue, Everblazin, Press It Up and Give It Up To Me. Tavia and Tamara have danced for artists like Rihanna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Missy Elliot, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Ciara, Diddy, Gwen Stefani and Many More! They have also been in numerous movies and commercials such as Idlewild, American Gangster, Burger King and Coca-Cola. Tavia and Tamara have recently started a movement called BRUKWINE. BRUKWINE is a Reggae-Heels class that provides a more feminine side to the genre. BRUKWINE is rapidly growing, becoming one of the most sought after dance classes/workouts ... [read more]

Jae Blaze

Jae Blaze: When the incomparable talent of Fatima Robinson was met with the passion and creativity of Jae Blaze, a match made in choreographer heaven was born. At the time of their 2005 meeting, jaeblaze had established a reputation as one of Canada’s premier choreographers thanks to her flawless ability to unite the aggression of hip-hop with the passion and excitement of Jamaican dancehall. Robinson was working with an unknown Rhianna on her first video for “Pon de Replay” and tapped jaeblaze to bring her authentic style of dance to the project. After seeing her in action, Rhianna insisted jaeblaze join the tour as a dancer and choreographer. Impressed by her work ethic and dedication to the craft, Fatima Robinson also requested jaeblaze’s continued assistance, which resulted in the opportunity to showcase her incomparable work to international A-list clientele.
In 2007, jaeblaze was requested to assist with the choreography for the Academy Awards and again in 2009. “The Black Eyed Peas” are big fans of the energy jaeblaze showcases in her work and the highlights of their relationship include: the 2011 Superbowl Half-Time show, 2010’s “The End” world tour, the 2010 Grammy performance of the monster hits “Imma Be/Got A Feeling” and Fergie’s 2006 “My Humps” video.
Reggae artist Sean Paul also received an MTV award in 2006 after showcasing jaeblaze’s work in the “Get Busy” video. Kelly Rowland, Enrique Iglesias, Niki Minaj, Leona Lewis, R. Kelly and many others have benefited from her talent. Internationally, jaeblaze has traveled choreographing routines for the Japan MTV Awards and for the India based Disney production of “Cheetah Girls One World” along with all the dates on the Cheetah Girls North American tour. Ad agencies for Target, Old Navy, Kelloggs, IPod and McDonald’s have all used distinct elements of jaeblaze’s choreography for prime time campaigns.
When "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" introduced a Dancehall category to the competition, Toronto native jaeblaze made history as the first choreographer to bring authentic dancehall to a nationally televised show. She returned to SYTYCDC in 2009 and in 2010 jaeblaze choreographed a powerful dancehall piece called “Clarks.”


Orville Xpressionz Hall is one of Jamaica’s most outstanding Dancehall practitioner, he has had years of experience in this arena and is seen as a specialist. Orville Xpressionz Hall (the Dancehall Professor) is the Artistic Director for the multi award-winning group Dance Xpressionz, he is also the chief judge on the biggest dance program in the Caribbean Dancin Dynamites, he was nominated twice for choreographer of the year at the actor boy awards and won best choreographer in 2010 for the DanceJa online Awards.
Orville Xpressionz also taught for several years at the Excelsior Community College in Kingston Jamaica where he also attained his Associate Degree in performing arts. He has travelled extensively teaching dancehall internationally. He is the 1ST Jamaican dancer to have toured 7 cities in Russia. The dancehall professor is presently working on a dancehall course out line for joint accreditation from the .H.E.A.R.T. Trust NTA in Jamaica. Orville Xpressionz has toured Russia and Europe; this will be his 1st workshop in the US.

Laure BDC Faculty Headshot

Laure Courtellemont is well known worldwide as the best in her profession. At the creation of Ragga Jam: a concept of pedagogical and choreographic vision of dancehall (Jamaican Dance), she travels the world to share her amazing talent, attending exhibitions, festivals and workshops. From New York to Paris, Moscow, Milan and Sao Paolo she is known as the most talented dancer and one of her own kind ... She shines through perfection and mastery of her dance moves. With a mix of originality, grace, character, sensuality and femininity, she makes dancehall accessible to the grand public. You do not need to be an expert to appreciate her talent; her choreographies are proof as well as her YouTube videos with millions of viewers. No one is immune to her talent. From 2001 to 2007 Laure has long-continued to associate herself with Nike, sportive equipment. Their collaboration is carried through organizing events destined to promote Nike, an American brand name through Ragga Jam. From this collaboration was born both the first company of Nike dancers and the brand name Ragga Jam by Nike ... [read more]

Camron One-Shot

Camron One-Shot was born in Paris, France by way of the Caribbean islands from his Haitian Born Parents. He started dancing when he was 5 years old and never stopped. Camron was quickly recognized for his style, combining Jamaican Dancehall & Musicality. He became famous in clubs & parties in Paris, soon after artists began to ask him to perform & choreograph their shows and videos. Camron-One shot has been influenced by many different dance styles, such as, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, African, Krump and house. He has traveled to England, French Guyana, Brazil, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, and everywhere in France. Camron has had the opportunity to dance for many artists including Elephant Man, Mr.Vegas, Kat Deluna, Brick and Lace, Admiral T, Krys, Colonel Reyel, David Guetta...and many French Afro-Caribbean artists.


Lil'GBB has been passionate about dance from a young age. His interest was sparked by watching Micheal Jackson in concert, he immediately began to mimic his exact movement and choreography, and has been non-stop ever since. Lil’ Gbb is surrounded by a family with a mix of Caribbean, Caucasian and African. He appreciates and is inspired by many musical styles such as dancehall, hip hop, ndombolo, soukous, coupé décalé decalé and Caribbean. In 2006 he and a group of friends, who were also passionate about urban dance, formed “DBC Crew.” Soon after he was noticed by his favorite group “Why Dem Faya” and was given the opportunity to become of the members.
By performing in numerous shows and music videos he forged his own unique style, which blends energy, flexibility, technique, style, and different dance influences. Lil’ Gbb and his unique style went on to win the first battle in the dancehall category and earned the title of "DANCEHALL KING FRANCE 2012". He also was top 20 of You Can Dance (So You Think You Can Dance) in France. Lil’ Gbb is recognized in France and abroad. He has performed, taught workshops, and judged competitions all over France and throughout the world including Japan, Jamaica, USA, Sweden, Italy, Russia, and Poland.
He is known for the Step “SMOOTHY” that he has created with Dancehall Queen Aaxxia, this step can be seen worldwide in countries like, Venezuela, Sweden, Italy, Russia, France, USA, Poland, Guadeloupe and many more to come! Lil’ Gbb has had the opportunity to dance with artists such as Lady Sweety, Jacky Brown, Lapiosh Titivita, Charleston, Dizy Show, Admiral T, Colonel Reyel, Datcha Dollarz, Aidonia, Anggun, Mr Vegas, Ce'Cile, Kat Deluna and many others.
Lil’ Gbb is one of the youngest but more experienced dancers on the French stage. He is full of ambition and purpose and continues to make his way by accomplishing his goals step by step. He's far from stopping and keeps on working hard in order to deserve everything that happens to him, because you don't have nothing if you don't do nothing!!! ...




Students who have registered and paid for the intensive, but withdraw prior to June 14, 2013 are entitled to a full refund less an administrative fee of $25.00. No refunds will be given after June 14.


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