Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I want to bring my students to Broadway Dance Center?
We would love to have your students visit Broadway Dance Center. If you have a group of students who wish to take class at BDC, or have a Master Class tailored to their specific needs, please visit our Group Services page.

I have completed the online Inquiry Form, how long will it take to receive a reply?
We are always happy to receive new inquiries and will respond within 2 business days.

How far in advance should I submit my Inquiry Form?
Although we can accommodate last minute requests, we suggest submitting your Inquiry Form three weeks before the event date. With this much time to plan your event, we can be sure that your event runs smoothly and according to your specific needs!

*Please register at least 72 hours in advance. Reservations made without 72 hours advance notice are subject to an Express Booking Surcharge.

Please submit any other questions to [email protected], or include them at the bottom of your Inquiry Form.