Dress Code & Attendance Policies

Dress Code

Exclusive BDC Children & Teens Program Dancewear
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The CTP enforces a mandatory dress code for each age division. We feel strongly that this will promote discipline and proper classroom etiquette. All hair must be pulled back away from the face. No jewelry is permitted. Any student not in dress code will be asked to observe the class. Dress code is listed below.

Leotard Colors

Creative Movement Light Pink  
5-6yr Old Classes Light Blue  
7-9yr Old Classes Dark Blue  
Dancers 10yr + Black or Green  


All male dancers must wear black pants and a black fitted shirt. We recommend that you wear black shoes according to the type of class you are taking.

3-4 years
Creative Movement: Light pink BDC leotard, pink Ballet shoes, pink Ballet tights, black Tap shoes.

5-6 years

Ballet/Tap: Light blue BDC leotard, pink Ballet tights, pink Ballet shoes & black Tap shoes.
Hip Hop: Students may wear sneakers and any type of clothing that allows their bodies to move with ease.

7-9 years

Ballet: Dark blue BDC leotard, pink Ballet tights, pink Ballet shoes.
Jazz, Jumps & Turns, MT Dance: Dark blue BDC leotard, pink Ballet tights, tan jazz shoes
Optional BDC attire: dark blueor black BDC hot shorts, or black BDC leggings.
Tap: Same attire as above but with black Tap shoes.
Hip Hop: Students may wear sneakers and any type of clothing that allows their bodies to move with ease.

10-18 years

Black or green BDC leotard. Pink Ballet tights and pink Ballet shoes.
Attire for all classes listed below:
Leotard or half top in age specified color. Optional BDC attire: black BDC hot shorts, black BDC leggings. We prefer that dancers do not wear tights in any of these classes.
Jazz, Jumps & Turns, Lyrical, Contemporary: tan slip-on Jazz shoes, dance paws, or barefoot. (Instructor may specify preference)
Tap: Black Oxford Tap shoes.
Musical Theater: tan slip-on Jazz shoes, and/or tan character heels.
Latin Jazz: Latin heels (See instructor for details)
Hip Hop: Students may wear sneakers and any type of clothes that allow their bodies to move with ease.


Attendance Policy

The Children & Teens Program is a 32-week commitment. Classes run from September 17, 2016 through June 11, 2017, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To best support your child’s training, CONSISTENT ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED.

Students are allowed a total of four (4) absences for the entire CTP season. If more than four absences occur during the dance season, you may be asked to withdraw from the program. These absences include school testing, religious commitments, illness, and the like. Students may not miss the three (3) classes leading up to the showcase. Students may not miss dress rehearsal in June.

If your child has a planned absence, written documentation must be emailed to the CTP director prior to the event. For their safety, your child will not be able to participate in class if they arrive more than 10 minutes late. They must observe the class and take notes. This will be strictly enforced, there are no make-up classes and you will be held responsible for payment, even if your child does not attend class. It is imperative to your child’s success in the CTP that it is viewed as a serious commitment.

*Professional Children: Children who work professional jobs are allowed a total of six absences for the season. If absences exceed six, they will be asked to not participate in the recital, but may continue classes. Written proof documentation of the job must be given to Allie prior to the job's start date.