Cover girl, Maud Arnold, of the Dance Spirit Magazine (Tap issue), is taking the tap world by storm. Teaching and performing in Brazil, Tokyo, Barcelona, Russia and all across the United States, Maud has quickly become a sought after teacher, judge and performer.

Maud most recently was featured in the 2014 Toyota Corolla Style Never Goes Out of Style National Commercial and has also worked with Beyoncé. Mentored and trained by Debbie Allen, Maud has taught at her dance academy in Los Angeles and her dance institute in Texas since the age of 19.

Maud’s Television Credits Include: HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, ABC Family's Switched at Birth, CBS's Secret Talents of the Stars as a featured dancer with Mya, on The Today Show and Fox 5. Maud has shared the stage with Debbie Allen, Jason Samuels Smith, Jared Grimes and Chloé Arnold. Maud is the co-director and producer of the critically acclaimed, internationally recognized DC Tap Festival with her sister Chloé Arnold. They have been recognized by The US House of Representatives as arts preservers and ambassadors. Along with her sister Chloé, Maud is pioneering new experiences for dancers and artists worldwide with their tap festivals, I LOVE TAP clothing line, mentorship, workshops, and Tap dance instructional DVDs.

She is currently Co-Producing a documentary Tap World with Hollywood Executive Producer Dean Hargrove. Maud exudes her passion for tap dancing with her high energy, fun, and action-packed dancing. Find Maud online at

Maud Arnold in "Beyoncé Tap Salute"