From Justin to Janet, Usher to Madonna, Lisette Bustamente has worked side by side with them all. Lisette grew up in a house full of music and dance where she inherited her passion for the performing arts. Her Venezuelan father was the lead singer of a salsa band growing up and her Puerto-Rican mother was a championship winning salsa dancer…it’s no question that this was the path she was meant to be on.

Fresh out of high school, Lisette Bustamante began touring as a dancer with the hottest names in the music business. Working with the likes of Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, and Gwen Stefani, she became one of the most recognizable dancers on MTV. Lisette has appeared not only in music videos but also in major television and film projects and has been featured in commercials for GAP, PEPSI, PRINGLES, SPRITE AND IPOD just to name a few.  

Gaining so much experience at a very young age, Lisette naturally transitioned into the world of choreography and artistic direction and began lending her creative talents to artists Pink, Jennifer Lopez, Macy Gray and Britney Spears along side her longtime friend and choreography partner Chonique Sneed.

She was given the opportunity to artistic co-direct Paulina Rubio’s “Pau-Latina” world tour and then began working with Paulina as her main creative contributor. Making an impact in the Latin music market with her creative work with Paulina, Lisette was hired to be the artistic director for the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards. 
In 2006, Lisette began diving into another realms of the music business, music video direction. Having directed 6 music videos to date from dancehall artists, to r&b/ hip hop artists, she’s able to capture the artist and their music and express it visually, with an edge. She has also assisted and consulted on a 2007 Ford commercial shot in Miami.

Lisette recently returned from Japan where she was a main artistic contributor and choreographer for pop artist BoA’s 2008 tour. She also choreographed the video for BoA’s first single from her latest album “Eien” as well as BoA’s soon to be released “Bump Bump” video. She has teamed up once again with Paulina Rubio as artistic director and choreographer for her upcoming 2009 “Grand City Pop Tour” which kicked off in September 2009 and has conceptualized and choreographed Paulina’s recent performances for the 2009 Latin Billboard Awards and 2009 Premios Juventud.

In the past 3 years Lisette began her career as a recording artist and her song,  "I Bittersweet” debuted on Itunes in 2008 and got major radio play in Toronto, Canada as well as the underground club scene. She continues to follow her dreams and believes there is no dream too big for you not to follow..reach for the stars!  Lisette and her choreography partner Chonique just finished working on an upcoming video/ live show for Prince.