Malik Coleman was born and raised in New York City where the underground scene was his first form of class. Here he was exposed to his truest form of expression. Dancing and learning from the greats such as Buddha Stretch, Link, and Brian Footwork Green expanded his imagination and boosted his vocabulary in dance. Every event was a new experience, a new chance to get things right, make mistakes and be free. Observing and studying many styles of dance and returning weekly to the clubs to practice and battle, gave Malik opportunity to hone his talents and skills.

Experimenting with all underground styles was the key to his growth; Popping, Breaking, Locking, Tutting, House etc. Hungry to learn it all, New York City has created a truly unique dancer fighting for his passion in the circle and out. Making the transition from the underground scene to main stream commercial, Malik Coleman makes his journey vulnerable and visible to you. “I hope you enjoy the ride!”

Malik Coleman has worked with major companies such as Nike, Google, Microsoft and Melvin Miller’s Step Company. Video Credits with Lil Mama and Natasha of Jive Records.  Malik has also traveled domestically and internationally doing workshops in locations such as L.A. (Millennium Dance Complex), Washington D.C, (KodaChrome) Lima/Peru, Frankfurt/Germany, Siberia/Russia, Vladivostok/Russia, ETC.