Autumn Marie Dones has traveled throughout the United States and around the globe teaching, performing and sharing her love of dance. She was a member of The Young Americans on their Music Outreach National and International Tours. For three years she traveled the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, inspiring and motivating thousands of children. Through her international contacts, she was invited to live in Germany for six months as an Associate Artistic Director of Musikschule Bad Karlshafen. While there, Autumn taught many workshops throughout the schools in the Kassel area.

After a brief stint in her hometown of Portland, Oregon teaching at the studio where she grew up, Westside Dance & Gymnastics Academy, Autumn decided to move to New York. While living in the big city, Autumn studied as an Intern at Broadway Dance Center and has performed for many independent artists including, Gabriella Ross, Andrea Benham, Sheila Barker, and companies such as Jamie J. and Co., James Koroni, Sara Galan’s (Dance)stry, and Emily Bufferd’s BEings, as well as numerous Carnival, Sirens, Syberite, and Performance Projects.

Autumn spent the month of July 2011 in Peru teaching for Vania Masias’ professional company, CIA, the school, D1, and the outreach program, Angeles. While there, she had the amazing opportunity to choreograph a contemporary segment for the original Peruvian musical, Tu Lima. Locally, she guest teaches throughout the North East, choreographing for many events such as the NephCure Benefit and "Good Morning America." Autumn is driven by her endless desire to discover and understand all forms of dance and is looking forward to her future adventures in the world of movement.

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Autumn Marie Dones

Autumn Dones