Dynamic personality, professionalism and originality are the fundamental concepts that characterize the figure of Mr. Froiio. He studied under the guidance of international teachers approaching to ballet, jazz, contemporary and enhancing his natural predisposition for Hip-Hop. Training, attitude and commitment: are all the elements that reflect and express his work in the best way. His talent and his enthusiasm make him be regularly convened for workshops and stages, as organizer of events relating to dancing and fitness and producer of shows for conventions in any area.

He also combinies his work as dancer joins and choreographer for his Hip-Hop dance company with the intent to convey people to the passion that's in this art.

The spirit of Mr. Froiio is accurately projected in his choreographies and shows with a very particular style that leads to an explosion of energy, skill and ability to entertain and strike.

He has worked for various conventions, conferences, fashion shows, such as, TUCANO, FINLINEA, CONFERENCE, CARGILL, TIGI (Hairdressers Products), XEROX, video-remake of Rihanna ”Shut up and drive” with Elena Santarelli (MTV Italia) and “Un Attimo” – Romina Falconi (universal).

In September 2004 he opens in the heart of Milan his dance school, the MOMA STUDIOS (the best professional and known dance school), and in 2005 he creates his Hip-Hop dance company  "Moma Tribe." In 2008 was born MOMACADEMY, the first academy of Hip-Hop in Italy.