Laure is a French international teacher and choreographer. Inspired by hip-hop choreography and energy. 15 years ago Laure founded her dancehall instructional conception that she named Ragga Jam.

She now has Ragga Jam crews all over Europe and Brazil. Laure is based in Paris and has been teaching at STUDIO HARMONIC and at JUSTE DEBOUT SCHOOL.

She has choreographed for TV ,commercial campaigns (So You Think You Can Dance, Nike, UBISOFT...) and various recording artists (Krys, Rik, Lord Kossity...)

Every weekend, she's travelling all over the world, and teaches master workshops. She also teaches, judges and performs in major hip-hop dance events (CERCLE UNDERGROUND, SDK , UDC, JUSTE DEBOUT, Rio HIP HOP KEMP, DANCEHALL CAMP...)