Corey (C Gutta) and Reggie (Regg Roc) are two of the main members of The Ringmasters, known for their style of dance (Flexxin) and their time spent on the show ABDC. They have been dancing side by side for 9 years they both started on a show called flex n Brooklyn in 2000 where they displayed their passion for dance. They started off as rivals and end up becoming very closes friends, the style they both have in common is Flexxin, but they both have their own unique style of Flexxin. Corey has a connecting style while Reggie has a style called Pausing, with both of these styles of dance corey and Reggie are on their way to making their mark in the dance world with their precise routines and their own never ending creativity corey and Reggie are on the rise of success with this style called Flexxin.