David Thomas was born and raised in the heart of the Bronx. Raised by his single, working mother and grandmother, David began dancing at the age of 4.

Implicating moves from his all time inspiration, the late Michael Jackson, David began to attract the attention of his family members and peers. In no time, he was performing in talent shows and mini concerts; however he wanted to take his skill to the next level.

When David entered high school at 13, he had already mastered different levels of choreography. So, with only himself and a radio, David decided to form his own dance crew, which would later be known as WRT (“We Run This”) . What started out as a regular high school dance group in 2004, quickly evolved into one of the hottest dance crews based in the Bronx. David began to work his new team with complex choreography, and creative concepts, themes and music, WRT brought a new fresh style to the table. As a whole, David and the team would combine dance, acting and gymnastics into a single, captivating performance.

WRT continued up until David’s graduation in 2007 when he was forced to remove the team from the school because he was no longer a student. David has worked with some of NYC's top choreographers such as Luam, Rhapsody James and La Jon Dantzler (Step Up 2: the Streets). David has also worked with some of today's hottest artists like Missy Elliott, Day 26, and Trey Songz, and has taught at studios around the globe.

In 2012, David decided to begin a training intensive for young aspiring dancers on how to understand the buisness and represent themselves; he later took those dancers and developed an extention to WRT later called WRT The Collective. Today WRT has evolved into a phenomenal dance company with the rawest, most unique swag. With a few victories such as Prelude NY 2014 and Set It Off Dance Competition, WRT the Collective is continuing to inspire other young dancers. As for David, he's just getting started.