Claudia Cavalli and Vito Cassano

Claudia Cavalli and Vito Cassano
Claudia Cavalli and Vito Cassano

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ELEINA D. DANCE COMPANY (aerial-contemporary dance) was founded in 2011 to combine the spectacle of aerial dance with the sensitivity of the gesture of contemporary dance. Artistic Directors Vito Cassano and Claudia Cavalli met at the Mvula Sungani Company in Rome. During the production of  Sete,  EleinaD. was awarded the audience award ‘ex aequo’ at the "G'd'A" competition. In 2013, they began collaborating with Kataklò as dancers, choreographers and more

Class Descriptions

Acro-Contemporary Duo

The class firstly consists of a warm up that uses elements of contemporary dance and floor work, preparing the body to a sensory approach, through different preparatory exercises, also with a partner, depending on the sense involved.
Then, small sequences are built up, in which some elements of acrobatics are included as well. The class focuses on couple work and particularly on the different lever points of the partner's body and how these can trigger dynamics or suspension, only through these lever points that becomes a pin, so never requiring mechanical muscular force, but a supporting work on a common stress point that guarantees, through the co-operation with the other, the success of lifting, even in an easier way. You do not need to come to the class with a partner. Men and women, woman and woman and men and men will be partnered in class.


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