Jon Rua

Jon Rua
Jon Rua
Jon Rua
Jon Rua
Jon Rua
Jon Rua
Jon Rua

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Wearing many hats, Jon Rua's talents as a Choreographer and Actor crosses the stage to screen inherently.

As a Choreographer, Jon's work has taken flight with Coheed & Cambria ('Old Flames'), PHISH2013 fall tour, The Muny’s Aida and Jesus Christ Superstar, Rebel Wilson’s upcoming film, Isn’t It Romantic, Travelers Insurance, ABC's Celebrity Wife more

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Jon's style and interpretation of Hip-Hop/Funk is innovative and refreshing. His trailblazing movement incorporates isolations, funk fundamentals, house, groove, theatrics, and freestyle, which are all underscored by his unique musicality. His movement encapsulates the emotion and behavior of one's organic expression within the world of the music. The class creates an experience that focuses on helping dancers strengthen their retention of choreography, develop awareness of the Hip-Hop fundamentals, and encourages a holistic approach to one's personal expression. Be ready to tell a story and deliver the music in a way that you had yet to imagine.

Street Styles Peformance

TheGrit (aka Street Styles Performance) unites storytelling, hip-hop styles, and raw emotion for the stage and film, transcending the landscape of today’s world.


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