Robert Taylor Jr

Robert Taylor Jr
Robert Taylor Jr

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Robert Taylor Jr. is an American entertainer whose goal is to inspire and spread love and peace to people of all ages through music and dance. He was born and raised in Coney Island and developed a love for music and dance as a young child. He went to John Dewey High School and trained under the late John Goring in the styles of Modern, Ballet, Afro Caribbean, and Jazz. During this time, Robert's first Hip-Hop teacher, also a student of John Goring, was read more

Class Descriptions


This class consists of breaking down the elements of Hip-Hop within choreography. The styles incorporated are popping, locking, waving, breaking, and gliding. The class starts off with a guided warm up by stretching out the body and using isolations— sometimes warm-up exercises are used in the combinations. There will also be beginner grooves taught in the combinations.

The main thing that will radiate to the students in the class is musicality. In this class students will not only learn how to count music, but the students will also learn to count different types of music with the instruments (for example: using the base, the snare, the horns, the synthesizers, the vocals within the song or the beat, etc).

As combinations in the class are taught, each step is broken down slowly and told where the movement is coming from based on the style of the combination.

Absolute Beginner Workshop

In this class you will learn the elements of hip-hop within choreography as well as learn how to freestyle dance. Each week you will learn between 2 to 3 elements of hip-hop.  Some of the elements of Hip-Hop that you will learn are popping, locking, breaking, waving, tutting, gliding, house, etc.  Everything taught in the class will be at a moderate pace.

Upcoming Classes

Fri · Jan 22
1:00 pm to 2:15 pm
Fri · Jan 29
1:00 pm to 2:15 pm

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