Global Fosse Festival

Global Fosse® Festival

11 master teachers. 7 famous guests. 12 professional demonstrators. 24 hours of Fosse®.

The Verdon Fosse® Legacy is jazzed to partner with Broadway Dance Center for the inaugural Global Fosse® Festival! This six-day Zoom series--targeting multiple time zones--enables everybody (dance professionals, performers, students, Broadway lovers, dance aficionados, and Fosse® fans alike) from around the world to come together and learn Bob Fosse's signature stylized choreography from some of the most sought after Legacy-sanctioned reconstructors. 

Come learn, dance, and engage with the incredible performers who worked directly with Verdon and Fosse. Register for a single two-day session or up to all three sessions (six days total), as the teachers, repertoire, and Q & A guests will be unique each day.

Each four-hour session will include

  • Welcome from Founder/Artistic Director of The Verdon Fosse® Legacy, Nicole Fosse.
  • A dynamic warm-up focusing on isolations and basic ballet/jazz technique
  • Two unique master classes where everyone will hear stories of Fosse® dancers while learning authentic Fosse® repertoire from both stage and screen
  • Live Q&A with very special Verdon/Fosse® guests
  • #FosseFriday -- On the final day of the Festival (Friday, March 19), we welcome everyone from the entire week to join back on Zoom and perform an excerpt of Fosse® choreography together with fellow participants from all over the world.
Not a dancer, but a huge Fosse fan? This festival is also for you! The Global Fosse® Festival is your chance to try Fosse choreography and connect with your favorite Fosse® icons. Everyone is welcome!

Festival Dates

Session 1: March 14-15, 2021
7pm-11pm ET

Session 2: March 16-17, 2021
10am-2pm ET

Session 3: March 18-19, 2021
2pm-6pm ET

*All classes are livestreamed via Zoom and are in Eastern Time/NY. Faculty subject to change.


Faculty subject to change at any time

Registration & Price

  • 2-Day Workshop
  • $225
  • Two 2-Day Workshops
  • $415
  • Three 2-Day Workshops
  • $540

Refund Policy

No refunds after February 28, 2021. Refunds will be given, less at $40 admin fee, prior to February 28, 2021.

Session 1
  • Warm-up - Spence Ford (demonstrator: Kenneth Michael Murray)
  • "Me and My Baby" (Chicago) - Valarie Pettiford (demonstrator: Alexis Carra)
  • "Manson Trio" (Pippin) - Dana Moore (demonstrator Trevor Illingworth)
  • Warm-up - Spence Ford (demonstrator Kenneth Michael Murray)
  • Rhythm sections from "Steam Heat" (The Pajama Game) & "I Wanna Be A Dancin' Man" (Dancin') - Alex Sanchez (demonstrator Tommy Scrivens)
  • "Trumpet Solo" (Dancin') - Lainie Sakakura (demonstrator Georgina Pazcoguin)
  • "Crunchy Granola Suite" (Dancin') Lainie Sakakura (demonstrator Kenneth Michael Murray)
What to bring: hat (ideally a bowler) + cane
Session 2
  • Warm-up - Spence Ford (demonstrator Kenneth Michael Murray)
  • "Hot Honey Rag" (Chicago) - Stephanie Pope (demonstrator Robyn Hurder)
  • "Big Noise from Winnetka" (Dancin') - Lloyd Culbreath (demonstrators Ashley Blair Fitzgerald & Tommy Scrivens)
  • Warm-up - Spence Ford (demonstrator Kenneth Michael Murray)
  • "The Pony Dance" (New Girl in Town) - Mimi Quillin (demonstrator Marina Lazzaretto)
  • "Who's Got the Pain?" (Damn Yankees) - Mary Ann Lamb (demonstrator Khori Petinaud)
  • "Crunchy Granola Suite" (Dancin') - Mary Ann Lamb (demonstrator Kenneth Michael Murray)
What to bring: hat (ideally, a soft hat) 
Session 3:
  • Warm-up - Spence Ford (demonstrator Kenneth Michael Murray)
  • "The Aloof (Rich Man's Frug)" (Sweet Charity) - Dana Moore (demonstrators Georgina Pazcoguin & Nicolas de la Vega)
  • "I Gotcha" ("Liza with a Z") - Shannon Lewis (demonstrator Jessica Lee Goldyn)
  • Warm-up - Spence Ford (demonstrator Kenneth Michael Murray)
  • "Fine, Fine Day" ("The Ed Sullivan Show") - Alyssa Epstein (demonstrator Jessica Lee Goldyn)
  • "Two Lost Souls" (Damn Yankees) - Lloyd Culbreath (demonstrator Skye Mattox)
  • "Crunchy Granola Suite" (Dancin') - Lloyd Culbreath (demonstrator Kenneth Michael Murray)


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