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BDC Children & Teens W45 (formerly Children & Teens Program) offers young dancers elite training in our state-of-the art studios located in the heart of Broadway's Theater District.

Our W45 program delivers the finest all-around dance experience for your student by offering a wide variety of styles and levels, additional training and performance opportunities, and the highest quality dance instruction that only New York City and BDC can provide.

For ages 2.5-18, this 32-week program runs from September to June, culminating with a captivating Showcase at a prestigious NYC Theater.

Classes meet weekly and are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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322 W 45th St, 3rd Floor • NYC 10036



We proudly offer classes in Creative Movement, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Musical Theater Dance, Latin Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jumps & Turns, Breaking, and Acro.

Class levels range from beginner to advanced. It is our goal to provide your children with classes in which they feel comfortable while also being challenged.

Yes, each age group is defined by a specific color leotard for girls. All male students wear a black shirt and pants. More specific guidelines can be found on our Policies page.

Our W45 Program is a 32-week commitment. To best support your child’s training, CONSISTENT ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED. Please view our Policies page for more information on attendance.

All classes are closed for viewing so that teachers and students can maintain their focus without distraction. Parent Observation Day is held once during the season. We encourage parents and guardians to observe their dancers’ classes on this day.

The end-of-season showcase gives students the chance to display what they have learned throughout the year. All students are expected to participate in the showcase and dress rehearsal.

If for any reason a dancer will not be able to participate in this wonderful experience, please let us know prior to the Winter Holiday Break. There is an additional fee for the showcase and for each costume due in December.

Parents will receive important news and information via email throughout the season.


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Additional Programs

Summer Workshop Series
4-day style-specific workshops designed for serious, advanced dancers
Summer Intensive
4-day multidisciplinary dance intensive
Junior Training Program
3- or 6-week summer immersion course for dancers ages 13-17
For focused and intense contemporary training

Program Staff

Alie Beach

Allie Beach

Director of Youth Programming
Selena Hepburn

Selena Hepburn

Program Coordinator
Jessica Seavor

Jessica Seavor

Junior Training Program Coordinator
Katie Wilson Stewart

Katie Wilson Stewart

Administrative Assistant
Camille Acampora

Camille Acampora

Administrative Assistant
Alison Chi

Alison Chi

Administrative Assistant

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