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Brian Green

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Brian Green a.k.a. "Footwork," is a choreographer, teacher, and dancer, who began dancing at seven years old. He studied Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, and African from Phil Black, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, and Joffrey Ballet.

In 1978-80 he started to see dances around his church he went to with his family in Harlem, his mother did hustle, salsa, and some African dances, and his older brother did bboying and electric boogie. Electric boogie was NY's innovative more

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History of dances in Hop-Hop from the early '80s till now. Brian teaches the names of Hip-Hop movements that were and are in Hip-Hop clubs of New York's underground scene, which is where Hip-Hop was born.

Brian also teaches Hip-Hop when it went to other parts of the U.S. that started to follow NY’s wake! Showing the differences between, Street Jazz, Funk, and other names, which are mistaken for Hip-Hop.


A Movement starting in NYC, and spawning off of its influences in African, Hustle, Salsa, Freestyle, BBoying, and Jacking in Chicago and Clubbing in NY.

The term House became an umbrella term used to explain what the music was called, which now explains the dance. "Jacking" ( the word and experience) is part of the foundation of the '80s dance movement in the House/clubbing culture. House dance phenomenon is growing slowly in America, but already running rampant in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


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