Tony Guerrero

Tony Guerrero

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Hailing from Houston, Texas, Tony Guerrero has made NYC his base for seventeen years. Tony is the creator of Broadway Dance Center's hit class, Burlesque Jazz, which is now a permanent fixture at BDC!

Recently, Tony had the honor of choreographing for Sutton Foster in TV Land's Younger, he served as a contributing choreographer for CLEOPATRA Off-Broadway, and was a guest choreographer for the Philadelphia 76'ers dance team. more

Class Descriptions

Burlesque Jazz

Combining his experience in nightlife with his background in theatre, Tony has crafted this unisex dance experience to provide a fun, positive space in which dancers can let loose, cast away self-judgement, tap into the beast within, and nourish self-confidence while celebrating sexuality. Warm up focuses on loosening up the body, isolations, strengthening, deep stretch and an abdominal finaleClass explores several different angles of burlesque movement, set to a soundtrack of the hottest music of the past four decades! Tony utilizes multiple directions and acting exercises to color and give meaning to the movement.

Tony’s philosophy is that any scene can be burlesque…and any burlesque can be a scene.

Heels are encouraged, but not required…and are a welcome tool for any gender identity!


Tony sets a vibrant, energetic atmosphere with a focus on performance, purpose, motivation and character…all with a reminder of technique and strengthening the dancer by warming up every inch of the body. 

Tony thinks outside of the box, often using non-traditional music to set a scene with multiple motivations in a time in which any music can be turned into theatre. Whether using the mirror as a tool, or pulling the scene into a three-dimensional number, Tony challenges his students to step outside of themselves and learn quickly.

No matter the style, Tony always leaves students feeling excited about dance, aware of alignment, inspired about performing and happily exhausted!

Upcoming Classes

Mon · Aug 17
6:00 pm to 7:15 pm
Mon · Aug 24
6:00 pm to 7:15 pm

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